Time to knock out Radon

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Radon is a radioactive gas present abundantly in United States and nearby regions. A very few people actually know about radon, its origin and effects. Radon is present in homes, air,soil and rocks bearing radioisotopes. That’s why people are conducting Radon Testing to check the concentration of radon in home and to get rid of it.

Source of Radon:

Radon is not synthesized at commercial level. Our Earth is approximately 4.6 billion years old. Enormous amount of heavy radioactive elements like transition metals are present underground and rocks. Example of such elements are Uranium, thorium etc.

Uranium is a radioactive element thus emitting radiations all the time. Due to this emotion many new radio isotopes generates. Uranium produce radium as an intermediate product. Radium is also radioactive and emit radiations this further decompose radium into radon. Radon is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. Slightly heavier than air but easily inhaled when present in air.

Inhalation of radon cause:

From the soil radon rapidly diffuses in the air, settles down in the water, due to its high density accumulate in basements, through cracks and air it rushes towards home.  Now the issue is what if we inhale radon along with air? Recent research’s has revealed that radon is highly carcinogenic and majorly cause lungs cancer along with many other respiratory disorders. Radon is heavier than air so its particles make a layer on alveolar sacs and stimulates abrupt growth of cells causing the formation of tumors which ultimately cause cancer.


How Radon effects children and pets?

Radon exposure for a long time period is bad for adults but even worse for children because the immune system of a child is weaker than adult. If children inhales radon for even a short time period it effect his respiratory system, can cause childhood cancer, Leukemia and several neurological disorders. Radon Testing is the most convenient and reliable method to reduce radon in home and is suggested by scientists as well.


Whom to contact for radon mitigation?

As discussed previously radon mitigation is much necessary in order to live a healthy life at the same time it’s not possible for oneself to conduct radon testing and install radon mitigation system. In United States you do not need to roam around when radon mitigation and Installation Company is here. Just make a call and a team of premier quality contractors is on your door step. We are serving for centuries with our best quality services in the areas of Milwaukee, Racine and Wisconsin. This company is offering a huge set of services including:

  • Short term radon potential testing
  • Long term radon potential testing
  • Sump pump repairing and replacement

In Racine special services includes:

  • Racine commercial radon system
  • Racine custom radon system
  • Racine voc and radon testing system

Radon mitigation and Installation Company provides a best professional team and always uses superior quality equipment,especially radon fans. Our services are available at a very reasonable cost, with the surety of long-lasting results. Don’t waste your precious time to roam around. Pick up your phone and contact radon mitigation and Installation Company. Live a radon-free life with a bright future.